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Bonjour and Welcome!

I’m Tonya Leigh, a joie de vivre instigator, obsessed Francophile and devout lover of life.

I insist on living a Slim, Chic & Savvy lifestyle.

And I absolutely adore inspiring and supporting women
to live in that place called the Sweet Spot.


Here is how you know that
You are NOT in the Sweet Spot:

Waking up each day overwhelmed by your to-do list.

Dreading shopping for clothes.

Constantly obsessing about what’s on your plate.

Feeling like you’ve lost control of your life.

Reaching for food to find a little pleasure in a hectic day.


grumpy coco chanel

Yeah….I can relate.

It wasn’t that long ago that what you just read, and how you may be feeling, 100% described my life.

I was (what I call) “Frumpy, Dumpy & Grumpy.”

Slim? That felt impossible. I was 75 pounds overweight.

Chic? Ha! That was not even a part of my vocabulary.

And, Savvy? Spending a small fortune on diet books…not smart!


In a nutshell:

I had let myself go. I had given up. I felt worthless.

Frustrated, hopeless and angry, I waged a decade long war with my body. Weight up. Weight down. That was my life. All the diets and pills in the world couldn’t give me what I was truly wanting: a beautiful life full of joie de vivre!

Do you know what happens when you spend your life trying to fix yourself and obsessing over your body?

A woman misses out on the precious moments and pleasure that make her life exquisite.


redarrowI could have mastered several new languages.

redarrowI would have enjoyed baking cookies for my daughter.

redarrowI could have read all the classics.

redarrowI would have enjoyed feeling the sun on my body.

redarrowI could have hosted fabulous dinner parties full of conversation and laughter.

redarrowI would have enjoyed my life!



Little did I know upon my first trip to Paris that I would learn everything I needed to know about eating, loving, and living.

Over the course of a decade, I have been a student of the French culture – the attitude and lifestyle that focuses on pleasure, quality and femininity.

Paris taught me all about living Slim, Chic & Savvy. And, while we can’t all live in a flat on the Rue de Rivoli in Paris, fortunately we don’t have to. Through lessons learned from the French culture paired with powerful coaching techniques, I cultivated an effective approach to living in the Sweet Spot.

Here is how you Know:
YES I’m in The Sweet Spot:

Looking in the mirror and truly thinking, “Hello gorgeous!”

Laughing at your beautiful mess.

Seeing the world as your runway to express yourself (without apology).

Living as the sensual, feminine creature that you are!

Knowing deep down that you can create WHATEVER YOU WANT!

So, are you ready to live Slim, Chic & Savvy?

It’s an attitude paired with a lifestyle that focuses on adventure, pleasure and passion!

This program will empower you to take back control of your own life (and the food on your plate… avec plaisir, of course!)

Slim, Chic & Savvy is a lifestyle that teaches you how to French Kiss Life, in style!

So, whatever has been holding you back — weight loss, beauty image, confidence, beliefs — it’s time to check that baggage at the door….

Because together we’re journeying together to Find YOUR Sweet Spot!


Welcome to the start of the journey. This is where the itinerary changes and life gets better. The only things you’ll need to bring along are courage, playfulness, and a willingness to see the journey through.

We are headed to a place where passion, pleasure, and play live harmoniously with positive growth, change, and personal evolution; where women live Slim, Chic & Savvy.


For 10 weeks, we are going to voyage to the paradise that is the Slim, Chic & Savvy Sweet Spot. I will immerse you in the Slim, Chic & Savvy mindset and way of life and, most importantly, I will show you CLEARLY how to find the Sweet Spot for YOURSELF.

These are the concepts that I learned from those French women who taught me to eat, think and live like a slim, chic and savvy woman, as well as the tools I’ve learned through Master Coach training.

And the best part is, the results will begin immediately. On the very first day, I will invite you to peek inside your Sweet Spot and begin to take action steps to delve into it from the inside-out.


When I decided to learn French, I tried to do it on my own, reading a lesson here, listening to a tape there. When that didn’t work, I signed up for a weekly class. That didn’t work either. As badly as I wanted to speak the language, trying to do it on my own or participating in a once-a-week class wasn’t enough.

So I decided to go to France and enroll in an immersion program where I spent every day, except Sunday, hearing, practicing, reading, and speaking the language with an instructor who refused to see me any other way than a French speaker.

I’ve discovered through years of coaching that personal transformation is akin to my attempt to learn a new language–it is difficult to do on your own and a weekly class just doesn’t cut it.

You need to be surrounded by a community that refuses to see you any other way than whom you desire to be and be immersed in daily practices to help you get there, all while enjoying the journey.

This program is an immersion where each day, except Sunday, you are going to be schooled in the Slim, Chic & Savvy lifestyle, from mindset, to style, to well-being. No once-a-week phone calls and then left on your own.

Total immersion, darling!


From my French inspired approach, you will be immersed into a new way of thinking. Permanently.

redarrow You will have a profound start on our Slim, Chic & Savvy Opening Ceremony Call. On the first official day of the program, I will hold a very important and intimate call.  On this private call, I will give you tips on how to begin living the Slim, Chic & Savvy lifestyle from day ONE! You’ll be surprised at what I’ll ask you to do, but it is oh-so-effective!

redarrow  Forever Access to powerful, life-changing, Slim, Chic & Savvy  lessons.   These lessons will offer new concepts, perspectives and ways of thinking and being in the world.  All of these lessons will be housed in our “Members Only” Slim, Chic & Savvy Website.  You will have a unique username and password.  All members have lifetime access to the members site.  And as soon as you enroll, you will be granted instant access to our Members Only website.

I have created for you custom tailored daily & weekly action steps to ensure your success.
It’s simple.

redarrow  Daily Slim, Chic & Savvy Action Steps. If you want your life to be different, you must start taking different actions. In the Slim, Chic & Savvy program, we don’t just talk about concepts, we implement them. Every Monday through Saturday throughout the live program, I will send you an email which will contain a lesson, with a daily challenge.  Each day, you’ll have a small action designed to produce big results.   In order to avoid overwhelm, we will purposefully withold giving you access to everything all at once.  We will only give you access to what you need for that week.

redarrow  Slim, Chic & Savvy Solo Excursions every Weekend . On the weekend, I’ll ask you to set out on a bigger, fun excursion that offers you an opportunity to put the Slim, Chic & Savvy principles into practice and experience the results of taking risks, stepping out of your comfort zone and diving into a world of intention and pleasure. Ooh, La, La!

redarrow Inspirational Ideas every week so you can become a true Bon Vivant Slim Chic & Savvy women read glorious books, listen to sensual music, constantly expand their minds, have a high sense of style. Every week, I will provide for you some reading, favorite recipes, style tips and listening material to assist you in living a life of ease, so you can learn how to become a bon vivant (one who lives well!).

Know that you will gain professional clarity & support. You’re supported by the best.

redarrow  Eight  *Live*Slim, Chic & Savvy  Coaching Calls. With Moi.   Each week, you’ll receive laser focused coaching avec moi. This is our weekly *live* private container, and an exclusive opportunity to work with me personally over the phone.  Even if you do not want to get coached by me, you will be able to apply the techniques that I use with other women, and apply them into your own life.  Bring your celebrations and challenges to each weekly call and together, we’ll work through them.  While alumni are welcome to join the calls, the one to one coaching is provided first to the new Slim, Chic & Savvy cohort on the calls.   Yes, that means you, ma chérie!


 redarrow 24/7 Access to Exclusive Interviews with my personal favorite Slim, Chic & Savvy Experts. I have some of the coolest, brightest experts I know to share their insight on living a delicious life. You’ll have access to their wisdom.

Your deep connection to our orldly collection of bon vivant women will last. You will have my voice & the community. Forever.

redarrowIndividual MP3 Audio Recordings of all Slim, Chic & Savvy Lessons. By popular, demand, you can now take me on the go while you’re on your morning walk, driving to work, or when you are in the kitchen cooking for a dinner party.  And that means that you will literally have my voice with you always, to help keep you accountable and on the Slim, Chic & Savvy journey for many years to come.

redarrow 24/7 Access to The Online Slim, Chic and Savvy Online Community Salon. You are not just joining a program; you are joining an elite community of women who can offer resources, support and a great conversation. You’ll receive access and join the secret Slim, Chic & Savvy Salon in our private Facebook Forum.  You will have lifetime access to this secret society.






We’ll start the journey off by mapping out the specifics of what your personal Sweet Spot looks like. Then we can begin navigating you there, petit by petit how to begin living and thinking like an Slim, Chic & Savvy woman from day 1

  • the one thing a chic woman never does and how it impacts your weight
  • the one simple mindset shift that will instantly shift your energy into Slim, Chic & Savvy mode
  • how women are internally sabotaging their weight loss efforts and what to do about it


Exploring the world is important. Where you call home is even more so. A Slim, Chic & Savvy woman is always at home within herself and maintains a mindset that makes home a nurturing and loving place.

  • what’s missing from most women’s life that is sabotaging their weight
  • the powerful impact of beliefs and how to use them to create a life and body you desire
  • how to literally feel your way to slimness
  • the secret accessory that keep French women slim


To get where you want to go, you have to be honest about where you really are (and how you got there). It’s truth time, ladies. Once you “get real” with yourself, a whole new world of possibilities opens up to you.

  • the lies you’re telling yourself and how they are keeping you stuck in more of the same
  • why le chocolat and Champagne are necessary for shedding excess weight (pass the bread, s’il vous plait!)
  • defining your food triggers and a guaranteed method for rising above them
  • how most women are living their life as a nightmare and how to turn it into a grand romance


French women live their lives through beautiful routines and rituals, from their petit dejeuner to their beauty regimen. Set yourself up for real success with routines that support Slim, Chic & Savvy habits and with rituals that help you reconnect if you ever lose your way.

  • how to create a decadent morning ritual that will keep you on the Slim, Chic & Savvy path
  • the 3 critical parts of every Slim, Chic and Savvy woman’s beauty routine
  • what to create in your home immediately to keep you connected to yourself and the journey


Slim, Chic & Savvy women love to travel light; so, it’s time to lighten your load by uncovering and expelling all the things that are weighing you down and holding you back in life, from cleaning out the closet to losing your mind.

  • how your home speaks truths about your weight and what to do about it
  • get a clear picture of how you’re expending your life’s energy and how to clean it up
  • how to create a Slim, Chic & Savvy home – from the refrigerator to the bedroom
  • the one simple tool that will take you from overwhelm to empowered calm and instantly add more play and fun into your life


Slim, Chic & Savvy women adore themselves. Yes, I said ADORE. Stop waging war against yourself and your body. Self-love is about celebrating where you are right now while honoring who you desire to be.

  • 4 strategies that will have you falling in love with yourself (and why this will make you irresistible to others)
  • why “dating” can become an excellent form of exercise
  • simple exercise strategies that will yield BIG results (no gym required)
  • the 3 tiers of beauty and how to use it to feel beautiful NOW
  • a proven tool to cut your portions in half AND feel elegantly satisfied


If a French woman knows anything, it’s how to live a pleasurable life. The heart of living a Slim, Chic & Savvy lifestyle is embracing pleasure. It’s about indulging your senses and your culinary palette to discover what delights you. Prepare for an indulgent week.

  • how to use the pleasure principle to guide your body, business and life
  • why you must know the difference between real and faux pleasure to live Slim, Chic & Savvy
  • the red velvet rope slimming policy that guarantees weight loss (le chocolat, Champagne, cheese and bread included)
  • how to master the art of dining to lose weight


What’s a life without desires? Surely not an Slim, Chic & Savvy one. Nothing is more attractive than a woman enjoying herself. A happy woman is a magnet for her desires. This week we will dig deep to uncover your desires and rediscover fun, play and presence.

  • the art of eating chocolate and why mastering it will help you shed pounds (every French woman knows this one!)
  • how to indulge in your food desires AND lose weight
  • how to master the art of ease and leisure (AND be more productive as a result)
  • the 2 modern day curses that are keeping women stuck in a life and body they hate


This week is all about chic. Authentic style is the outward presentation of your inner beauty and truth. This week you’ll learn to start dressing and interacting with the world with intention and confidence.

  • the questionnaire that will help you define your personal brand
  • how to turn yourself on and radiate to the world
  • the simple 2-step process of creating a great wardrobe that embodies your most SCS self
  • the most important fashion accessory that every woman needs and where to find it


Congratulations, you found the Sweet Spot! Skip the souvenir shop, baby. You’re home for good! This final week, we review how to stay here and truly make Slim, Chic & Savvy your new reality.

  • how to excavate the beauty of your journey and OWN your story
  • one simple mindset shift that will always get you back on track with your most SCS self (and create amazing results in all parts of your life)
  • how to easily dig through all the information (from diets to business systems) to create your own designer life
  • the importance of lady-hood and how to create a powerful circle of support


Slim, Chic & Savvy is fully mobile. You can access your private membership site 24/7 from your phone, tablet, Mac/PC or laptop, wherever you are in the world.

Tonya Leigh is the founder/owner of, a lifestyle brand passionately dedicated to helping women French Kiss Life!Tonya is a certified Martha Beck Master Life Coach, a former career nurse, an internationally trained sommelier, self-professed Francophile, fun junkie, and freelance writer. She is currently working on her first book.
Tonya Leigh is the founder/owner of, a lifestyle brand passionately dedicated to helping women French Kiss Life!Tonya is a certified Martha Beck Master Life Coach, a former career nurse, an internationally trained sommelier, self-professed Francophile, fun junkie, and freelance writer. She is currently working on her first book.


Martha Beck

If you’re ready to find joy in every aspect of life… Tonya is a wonderful coach for you.

Tonya is a joyful, powerful, intuitive coach who specializes in helping women overcome obsessive, negative body image. She covers the whole spectrum of issues related to this difficult subject, using a blend of Western science, Eastern philosophy, and battle-tested coaching techniques. If you’re ready to find joy in every aspect of life – including food, eating, exercise, and simply living in your skin – Tonya is a wonderful coach for you.

Martha Beck

If you’re ready to find joy in every aspect of life… Tonya is a wonderful coach for you.

Tonya is a joyful, powerful, intuitive coach who specializes in helping women overcome obsessive, negative body image. She covers the whole spectrum of issues related to this difficult subject, using a blend of Western science, Eastern philosophy, and battle-tested coaching techniques. If you’re ready to find joy in every aspect of life – including food, eating, exercise, and simply living in your skin – Tonya is a wonderful coach for you.


A great journey is always more fun with travel buddies. Find the Sweet Spot with a coterie of other life-loving, high-striving ladies, just like you! Hear one another’s lovely voices as we share our ups and downs of the journey during our weekly Q&A calls, and then engage with one another daily in our private Slim, Chic & Savvy Salon on Facebook. Post a question, share your experience. Nothing keeps you motivated quite like a cheerleading section of fellow Slim, Chic, & Savvy women

It’s for you if…

. . . you constantly feel torn between foods you love and foods you think you should eat
. . . you have been putting your life on hold until you lose those last few pounds
. . . you are intrigued by how those French women don’t get fat
. . . you desire to have fun and lose weight at the same time (it’s the only way!)
. . . you want consistent support
. . . you want to end the self-sabotaging behaviors (aka emotional eating and self loathing)
. . . you love Champagne and chocolate and cannot imagine a life without the two
. . you are finally ready to end your battle with your body and weight!

However it’s not for you if…

. . . you love to complain and don’t plan on stopping any time soon
. . . you are wanting to lose 10 pounds in 10 days
. . . you are looking for a strict meal plan
. . . you can’t handle loving, honest feedback
. . . you’re a know-it-all not open to new perspectives and ideas
. . . you’re looking for a miracle outside of yourself
. . . you’re not willing to do the work
. . . you don’t like to have fun!




The 2014 Slim, Chic & Savvy Immersion Dates

LIVE Course Begins on Monday, October 6th
LIVE Course Ends on Saturday, December 13th
LIVE Weekly 1 Hour Coaching Calls with Tonya are every Tuesday

Immediately after joining the program, you will get access to my brand new welcome bonus The Slim, Chic and Savvy Passion Discovery: An 8-Part Series to Unlock the Most Radiant You!. This gift is available to all new Slim, Chic & Savvy members!

Upon completion of the program, you will get access to your graduation gift:  100 Ways to Live Slim, Chic & Savvy.  This gift will make it so much easer to transition into the real world, long after you have completed the program.

Slim, Chic & Savvy is a 10-week Immersion Experience will introduce you to a new lifestyle filled with pleasure, personal power and play. Things in your inner world and outer world ARE going to change.

So, is it for you?

It is if you are ready to start living a fuller life. It is if you have emotional courage and a willingness to push past old patterns to uncover new possibilities. It is if you are ready to start French Kissing Life! Whether you are looking to lose weight or create a loving relationship with food and your body, claiming your own personal Sweet Spot is the key to finally standing in your best self CONSISTENTLY.

If you want to live a beautiful life – one filled with passion, romance, play and adventure…
Then Slim, Chic & Savvy Immersion is your ticket!

full pay3 pay

Enrollment Ends In

I understand how scary it can be buying something online. However, after experiencing the power of this program, as well as leading hundreds of women through the experience, I believe in this program with my whole heart.I believe in it so much that I am offering you a 14 Day money back guarantee. But, here’s the deal: I only want to work with women who are committed, because part of “getting real” is realizing no experience is going to save you. You have to be willing to invest the time and effort into yourself. Let me be really clear. Slim, Chic & Savvy is not another diet. It is not another how-to. It’s a game-changing experience that requires your commitment to YOURSELF. So, if you just want to “try it out” without taking it seriously, this program is NOT for you. However, if you enroll in the program and complete all the assignments, and after 14 days, you feel that I am not delivering everything I said I would and the program is not a good fit, I will refund your money. However, you will be asked to show proof of completed assignments since the program is only as effective as the effort you put into it.

“I signed up the biggest… client ever”

“Even though I was confident before, my sense of self-appreciation is stronger than ever. AND…..during the program I signed up the biggest “baddest” amazing corporate client ever – to do a full year of customized leadership training for 3 sales teams in 3 locations. I think my increased joie de vivre pulled them to me because I did absolutely no selling at all– they came to me. It’s bodacious living in style.“

Laura Camacho

“I have lost thirty-two pounds”

I have lost thirty-two pounds, given away my “fat clothes” for the first time in my life, and invested in a new wardrobe. I have worked with Tonya in three different formats, and I realize that my changes have been like peeling layers from an onion. I used to think I’d be happy when I lost weight, but the truth has been, I began to lose weight (and the obsession around food) when I felt happy.”

Sheri Sinykin

“Walked me towards my new path”

Life is looking less like a chore and more like an adventure. The Slim, Chic, and Savvy Immersion literally walked me towards my new path in the sense that I had time to really think about myself and what I actually want out of my life.”

Stephanie Coradin


“I have lost 35 pounds”

Slim, Chic & Savvy was the best money I’ve ever spent on myself. I learned more about myself going through the Slim, Chic & Savvy program than if I had spent years in therapy! I learned how to live in the present and that has been such a gift; I learned to love myself (that has been SUPER huge); and I have lost 35 pounds. I feel strong!”

Sarah Thacker

“My life is really a journey”

“I have a young son. I have a great husband and a “good” job. I have a “side” business. But I was just feeling restless, so I signed up for the Slim, Chic and Savvy Immersion after following Tonya’s blog for a little less than a year. As a result of SCS, I am much more aware of myself. I acknowledge my power more than I ever have and I am also more forgiving of myself. I see that my life is really a journey rather than a “to-do” list. And, it’s been really inspirational to have the community of other women sharing their journey.”

Michelle Griswold

“I’ve lost 25 pounds”

As a result of Slim, Chic & Savvy, I’ve changed physically — and it’s not just about weight, either. As of today, I’ve lost 25 pounds. Each and every morning, that Slim, Chic & Savvy lesson arrived and affirmed over and over again that freedom, joy and beauty would come from an internal place. I’m happier and more energetic than I’ve been in my whole life and am insatiably curious and excited by what else I can create. Friends and family notice this — I’m getting the “so, what are you doing to feel / look like you do?” and the best thing I can offer them when I explain my journey is that it’s a gift everyone can receive. You give it to yourself.

Laura Wagner